As one will appreciate the way plants are propagated and grown, and obviously their age,  influences the structure of plants.

Take the Dracaena Marginata for instance – a specimen can be grown with several trunks in one grow-pot – which we call a ‘touffe’, or for a more interesting structure, the plant is grown as a ‘branched’ specimen. The look and shape of the two plants is quite different.

At Superplants we like to feature the more architectural branched specimens when budgets permit, as they normally take longer to grow and are therefore more expensive.

It is a similar story with Yucca elephantipes with touffes being quite different to their branched relatives.

When it comes to exterior palms, they can be a bushy younger plant and then develop a truck as the plant matures and the lower leave are shed. Here one can see a Cordyline australis as a young plant and then as a mature specimen.

The same applies to Trachycarpus Fortunei, with the young plant on the left and the mature plant looking wonderful with an interesting trunk and large fan leaves.

At Superplants we enjoy specifying the correct plant for the location – thus enhancing the environment and creating a biophilic design that works at work.

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