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Going for Green

Improve your health
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By Going for Green with Superplants

There are many benefits in going for green, both for you and for the environment. Living plants are known to improve our health and happiness; plants purify the air, enhance a sense of wellbeing, improve productivity, and generally make the office a happier and more enjoyable space to be, making them a positive investment for you and for your workplace, and as a business, Superplants aims to be as green as possible.

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Superplants aim to be as Green as possible

Learn more about our green policies
  • We plant new trees at the nursery when we receive new contracts.
  • We recycle our green waste.
  • We recycle all our fresh cut Christmas trees and use them as top mulch dressing for exterior grounds maintenance projects.
  • We recycle as many of our plastic flower pots and trays as much as possible by giving them to small local plant growers.
  • Wherever possible we refurbish old plant containers so they can be reused to help save the environment.
  • We reuse spent compost at the nursery to improve the planting areas.
  • We have bee hives at the nursery to encourage bees.
  • We have log mounds at the nursery to encourage bugs, beetles and invertebrates.
  • We continually assess our maintenance schedules in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

By absorbing toxins (VOCs) emitted by modern building and furnishing materials, electronic equipment and even exhaust fumes which may enter buildings through windows and doors, plants are effective in cleaning the indoor air and help to reduce absence from minor ailments linked to Sick Building Syndrome, such as headaches, coughs and fatigue. In addition, plants can improve comfort in the workplace by stabilising humidity levels, reducing dust pollution, and they can be used for shading and cooling. Plants can also be used effectively to absorb noise in open plan offices, and they even absorb odours!

Superplants work to the principles of Biophilic design. The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, as defined by American biologist Edward O.Wilson in his 1984 book ‘Biophilia’ as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. Biophilia, like air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustics, are all essential components of environmental quality in the workplace. Superplants can enhance your working environment with living plant schemes, helping to enhance creativity, reduce stress, and improve wellbeing.


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