Nordmann Fir:

These are the most popular choice of Christmas tree in the UK.  They have an attractive shape, a rich dark green colour, with a wide base, and soft, broad needles that make hanging decorations and retrieving presents a less painful experience! Nordmann Firs are classed as non-drop trees, thanks to their excellent needle retention. This makes them a great choice for your home or workplace, as you needn’t worry about having to clean up lots of needles over the season, especially if you’re someone who likes to install a tree on 1st December!

Norway Spruce:

The Norway Spruce has been the traditional British Christmas tree since the Victorian times, with a rich pine scent that evokes Christmas. It has a triangular shape with a broad base, but is shorter and thinner than a Nordmann Fir, and a lighter green. Needles are the spiky type on the Norway Spruce, so it isn’t such a child-friendly choice, and the needle retention is weaker, so if you choose this as your indoor tree then be sure to water it regularly and position it away from heat sources.  This is a great value tree and ideal for outdoors.

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