Plants are good for you. We’ve always said so…

The World Happiness Report (2020) reflects on the growing awareness of the major role nature plays in our happiness and considers how environmental quality shapes how we feel and evaluate our lives. The report claims there is widely accepted evidence that having exposure to nature reduces stress levels, benefits well-being and life satisfaction. With Covid-19 restrictions encouraging us to remain indoors more, bringing nature indoors is more important than ever.

Many have had to adapt to a new working environment in the recent months with working from home being the new norm for many. Luckily, the return back to the office now appears to be more imminent.

Naturally, it is critical that the office layout is adjusted to allow for safe distance working, and careful route planning is important. This is where Superplants can help, by creating safer attractive spaces, which also help create a natural biophilic design in the office, which in turn can make staff feel more assured and comfortable.

We have a dedicated team who deliver, install and maintain office plants in and around London and the South West. We offer a variety of attractive plants in an expansive range of containers, from interior troughs to floor standing displays to table top planters. All our live displays are available to purchase or to rent, and we offer a maintenance service to ensure your plants continue to thrive and benefit your environment and your team.

Here at Superplants we believe plants are good for your business, your staff and helping everyone to get back to work.

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re ready to give your offices a mood-boosting interior update for rental or to purchase, please call us on 01935 348420 or email

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