Even just a few plants can make an enormous difference to your space. Superplants specialise in plant installations and maintenance across the South West of England, covering London, Bath, Bristol, Exeter and many more. Whether you choose a few stylish desk plants, some large statement plants or opt for the full urban jungle look. One of our team can help you find the perfect plants for your workplace.

Plants can have a massive impact on how a space feels and well chosen plants can bring the natural world right into the office.

By promoting relaxation and focus, studies have shown that having a number of plants in a working environment will result in a 60% improvement to one’s mental wellbeing. Nature has always been perceived as a mental health healer. Research shows just being surrounded by plants can even be favourable for one’s state of mind. Beyond this, they also reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, relaxation aid!

Better still, plants naturally have air purifying qualities with evidence that they reduce levels of toxins in the air around them.

So why not enhance your working environment by renting plants from Superplants, our service includes the initial design, planting recommendation, the installation of wonderful displays and then the ongoing aftercare – taking all the hassle out of having plants.

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re ready to give your offices a mood-boosting interior update for rental or to purchase, please call us on 01935 348420 or email info@superplants.co.uk.


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