According to research, festive décor in the office environment boosts employee morale and well-being whilst at work. With over eight million Poinsettias being sold across the UK every year, these beautiful plants have identified themselves as the UK’s favourite houseplant at Christmas.

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) flower their bright red foliage and deep green leaves during December and January, making them a particularly popular Christmas decoration. They are modest in size, taking up minimal space, yet have a huge impact on the overall ‘Christmassy’ feel of many office spaces and homes.

Here are a few of our top tips to keep your Poinsettia flourishing for as long as possible.

Originating from Mexico, this particular plant is accustomed to a warmer climate. We recommend you avoid leaving your Poinsettia in the cold for too long, therefore when transporting your plant keep it safely wrapped and covered.

Once in the warmth, take off the wrapping as soon as possible to prevent the stems of the leaves and bracts from drooping. Ideally place it next to a window or in a well-lit position away from any unwanted draughts.

Avoid over-watering your Poinsettia, the root bale should not be dry, nor drenched as this can shorten its life span. However, if your plant is looking a little dry, try giving it some warm water.

Finally, if you plan to keep your Poinsettia long after Christmas, prune it in April to approximately 10cm and aim to keep it at a temperature of 13C°, until repotting in May. Allow it to grow during the summer months ideally within 15-18C°. The month before Christmas calls for 12 hours of sunlight followed by 12 hours of complete darkness to emphasise the shorter days of winter which will encourage the glorious red flowers to flourish.

Poinsettia close up

Poinsettia 3

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