Purchasing large plant specimens with Superplants couldn’t be easier. With its simplistic and modern characteristics and big waxy dark green violin-shaped leaves, the Ficus Lyrata is becoming increasingly popular, and although many assume caring for a Fiddle Leaf Ficus plant can be tricky, it is actually easier than one may expect.

Here are the top 5 care tips to keep your Ficus Lyrata in great shape;

  1. Direct sunlight has the potential to damage a Ficus beyond repair, so placing it near a window or under a skylight is advised. Without any indirect sunlight light, the Ficus Lyrata will not be able to thrive and mature into a larger plant. Keep an eye on your plant and rotate it to prevent it from bending towards the light.
  2. When watering this plant, best practice is to put your fingers a few inches into the soil to check how moist the soil is. If it seems dry a few inches down, water it with room temperature or lukewarm water.
  3. The Lyrata lives well in room temperature but will not survive under 13 degrees Celsius.
  4. Aim to re-fertilise your Lyrata at least once or twice a year with a rich yet well drained soil.
  5. Ensure your Lyrata is clean by wiping its big leaves at least once a month, not only to keep it looking smart but to prevent the dust building and interfering with absorption of key nutrients and sunlight.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Ficus Lyrata, or any of our other large plant specimens, please call us on 01935348420 or email info@superplants.co.uk. Better still, if you’d rather leave Superplants to care for your plant, we also offer a rental & maintenance service.

Ficus Lyrata by Superplants

Ficus Lyrata by Superplants

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