Biodiversity loss and climate change are two of the greatest challenges facing our planet, with significant implications for the world around us. Superplants aim to use their land as sustainably as possible, to create new habitats for wildlife and to improve biodiversity.

This year to encourage our natural habitat, we have left a paddock of grass around the office to grow naturally during the summer, thus providing a wonderful habitat for bees, butterflies, and a huge range of insects!

At our nursery on the Dorset/Somerset boarder we continually identify opportunities to encourage and enhance biodiversity in our environment. We keep bees to allow pollination of our flowering plants and fruit trees, reuse spent compost, plant new trees and recycle our green waste to name a few.

We have also created log piles to encourage life for bugs, beetles and invertebrates, and recently installed bird nesting boxes around the nursery to increase bird population.


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