With so many staff having been furloughed or working from home over the last few months, asking them to return to work could be a challenge. Naturally, it is critical that the office layout is adjusted to allow for safe distance working, and careful route planning is important. This is where Superplants can help, by creating safer attractive spaces, which also help create a natural biophilic design in the office, which in turn can make staff feel more assured and comfortable.

The science behind the benefits of introducing interior planting in the workplace is as compelling as it is comprehensive. Research has shown that plants help reduce stress and absenteeism, and they help create an attractive environment which helps staff to be more productive. Live plants act as a natural health promoter as they release approximately 97% of the water they take in. As natural humidifiers, research shows plants have the ability to mitigate illness such as the common cold, fatigue, headaches, coughs and dry facial skin, and in turn reduce levels of staff sickness. So altogether the benefits can be substantial for business, especially during unprecedented times such as these.

Here at Superplants we believe plants are good for your business, your staff and helping everyone to get back to work.

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re ready to give your offices a mood-boosting interior update for rental or to purchase, please call us on 01935 348420 or email info@superplants.co.uk.


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