As we return to work it is important that your office environment is as welcoming as possible – hence the importance of biophilic design – which naturally includes live planting.

At Superplants we believe in providing and maintaining a wide range of quality tropical plants and containers to deliver the desired landscaping effect at work.

Some of the most popular plants are Areca palms (Dypsis lutescens), which are ideally for high light positions, and Kentia palms (Howea forestiana) which originated from Lord Howe Island off Australia which suit medium light levels.

We use a number of Dracaena varieties including Arturo, Cintho, Dracgreye, Compacta, Janet Craig, & Marginata to name just some.


There has been a massive trend towards tropical plants with large leaves. These include Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig), Ficus elastica abidjan (Rubber plant) to name just two.

The Ficus varieties with smaller leaves include Amstel King, Ficus Benjamina, Microcarpa Compacta & Nitida – and it is Nitida and Benjamina we tend specify for larger 5-8 metre tall atrium specimens where light levels and temperature levels are good.

Bespoke Trees by Superplants
Bespoke Trees by Superplants

For areas with little or no direct sunlight we recommend the use of premium quality artificial plants. Over the years fake plant have improved dramatically and serve a useful purpose. Large artificial trees are ideal for environments with unsuitable light and temperature levels or where the client would like to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Maintaining office plants correctly is critical, and at Superplants we normally service plants every two weeks, but sometimes the environment or restricted access requires weekly or monthly maintenance visits. As a general rule, whether the client has purchased the plants, or rented them, we provide a maintenance service which includes replacing any plants required within the monthly fee.

Superplants Van
Superplants Van

With all the challenges we face due to Covid-19, it is important to make office environments as attractive as possible for staff – so they feel welcome coming back to work. Plants enhance the environment, help reduce staff stress levels, clean the air, reduce noise levels, help reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, and can be used to create screening and safe distancing areas.

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