How to care for your fresh cut Christmas tree at home:

Keep it outside or in a cool place for as long as possible before moving it inside.

When you are ready to set your tree up, shake the tree outside to remove any loose foliage or insects. You can also bang the bottom of the tree trunk on the ground to remove any dead needles.

When you’re ready to bring it indoors to decorate it, chop a couple of centimetres off the stump and put it in water straightaway. Cutting the trunk means it takes in more water – like with fresh cut flowers.

Water it every day to keep it looking fresh and full – they drink lots. A real Christmas tree can drink 1 to 2 litres a day depending on its size and your heating.

Christmas trees don’t like heat, so position yours away from radiators and open fires. Heat will dry out the tree and it will lose its needles faster!

Always turn your Christmas tree lights off before watering and going to bed.

Christmas tree care

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