Office plants could be holding the key to making your working environment healthier, happier and more productive. Research shows well maintained interior plants improve working environments substantially as demonstrated below.

Employee Well-being

Research by Exeter University found that plants can increase staff well-being by 47%. This is important especially as companies need staff back in the office after lockdown and months of working from home.

Reduced Stress

According to the Stress Management Society, government statistics indicate that for every £1 invested in staff well-being, there’s a return of £3 in improved productivity and efficiency – positioning living plants in the workplace can help reduce staff stress by up to 50%

Improved Productivity

Studies by Exeter University found that living office plants increased employee productivity by 12% to 15%. Again after all the stress of lockdown and Covid-19 this is a major plus.

Improved Air Quality

Generally airborne chemicals such as ammonia & formaldehyde, can be emitted by everyday office items such as paper, furniture, carpets and cleaning products. The NASA study found plants removed up to 87% of these chemicals in just 24 hours, as well as removing around 50% of airborne dust.

Reduced Sick Leave

A CBI study in 2013 established that sick leave costs UK businesses an average of over £900 per employee per year. Plants are proven to reduce illnesses such as the common cold, coughs, fatigue, headaches, and dry facial skin.

Consumer Spending

Interior tropical plants can help create favourable conditions for retailers, which helps encourage customers to visit more frequently, stay in the retail environment for a longer period, helping to rate product quality higher and thus be willing to pay more.

First Impressions that Last

Plants improve the working environment, helping the business to look better and first impressions count. Adding carefully biophilic designed planting to your reception has an immediate impact and will improve the perception of the business.

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Office Plants Superplants

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