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Kentia Palm - Artificial Plant
Preserved Palms at Nirvana Spa - Artificial Plants
Buxus Hedging and Topiary - Artificial Plants
Replica Houseplants - Artificial Plants
Artificial Palm Tree

Artificial Plants

We supply and install the finest quality artificial plants for schemes in London, throughout the UK and in Europe.  We can supply many kinds of artificial plants - from grasses of only a few centimetres high to hand built replica trees of up to 8 metres tall - to create the effect you wish to achieve.  The range of plants is so diverse that there is bound to be something which will be ideal for any area; even an awkward one!

Artificial or faux plants, and containers to put them in, can be ordered through our mail order shop (see the 'Artificial Plant Shop' tab) or alternatively we can email our catalogue showing the complete range of fake plants.

Artificial Trees

Most of the specimen artificial trees we use have ‘natural’ wooden trunks, and highly realistic artificial foliage. We can supply trees which are treated so that they are resistant to fading in the UV rays of the sun which makes them ideal for exterior use, and also trees which are Inherently Fire Retardant and therefore suitable for use in business premises.

Faux or fake trees and plants are ideal for areas where the temperature or light levels will not support live planting, or where the budget will not allow for the maintenance of live specimens.

"Thank you Superplants for installing our new artificial palms. Brilliant as always and the final result looks splendid!" - testimonial from one of our London clients.....

Artificial Buxus Hedging
Artificial Tree
Artificial Trees at Crowne Plaza
Replica Buxus Hedge
Artificial Ficus - Artificial Plants
Artificial Topiary Plants
Artificial Kentia Palm - Artificial Plant
Hurlingham Club - Replica Plants
Bay Trees - Replica Trees
Artificial Flowers
Artificial Fruit Tree
Replica Tree Trunk
Hanging Basket - Faux Plants
Fake Buxus Hedging
Artificial Reflexa  (Song of Jamaica) - Replica Plant