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For the first time in many years, the Small British Blue Butterfly has been seen at our Nursery, which is exciting news! 

We have Jays and Green Woodpeckers along the entrance trees to the Nursery, and we have birds nesting with young in our homemade nesting boxes. Two pairs of House Martins are also nesting, and at dusk the owls and bats at the Nursery can also be spotted. 

The bee hive is busy, hares and fallow deer are in our fields, and a new wildlife corridor is being constructed to encourage small mammals and invertebrates.

All in all, wildlife is alive and thriving at Superplants! 

Contact us for information about how our experts can enhance your environment with our wide range of plants. We supply live plants to rent or purchase and we also offer a maintenance service. We also have a variety of artificial plants that are available to buy. 

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