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8 Reasons Why Plants Are Good For Your Business!

Plants have many benefits to our health and well-being and they are true ‘green’ facilitators.  The effects they have can help save money too and make the initial investment in interior landscaping more than pay for itself.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider installing plants in your office environment without delay:

  1. Plants are effective in cleaning the indoor air.  They absorb toxins (VOCs) emitted by modern building and furnishing materials, electronic equipment and even exhaust fumes which may enter buildings through windows and doors.
  2. Plants help to reduce absence from minor ailments often linked to Sick Building Syndrome, such as headaches, coughs and fatigue.
  3. Having plants in your workspace reduces the physical symptoms of stress.
  4. Plants at work help to improve concentration and productivity.
  5. Plants generally make us feel better - 82% of those questioned said so.
  6. Plants can be used effectively to absorb noise in open plan offices; plants absorb smells.
  7. Plants can raise humidity levels which improves comfort levels for occupants and also reduces dust pollution.
  8. Plants can be used for shading and cooling (saving money on size of the air-conditioning system).