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Spa, Leisure Centre & Pool Planting

Superplants specialise in the supply and aftercare of both live and artificial planting schemes for Spas and Leisure Centres.

Live or faux planting can be supplied in containers, or planted into existing planting beds, to create luxurious schemes to enhance leisure and spa areas.

We offer living palms, preserved palms, and artificial palms to help create the desired effect, especially around pools.

Living palms require our regular maintenance service, whilst preserved and artificial palms are relatively maintenance free - though they do require regular cleaning.

The added benefit of artificial and preserved palms is that they do not grow, so for a leisure area with a glazed roof they often meet the brief, wherea living palms may well need to be replaced when they grow up to the glazed roof.

We often supply living or fake Phalaenopsis orchids for spas as they deliver a style and impact at a reasonable cost, but a wide variety of tropical plants are available.