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Lease Plants for Offices

We all spend a large proportion of our waking hours in our place of work - so it's vital that our work environment is a pleasant and inviting place to be.

Superplants can supply plants to offices right across the South of England, including London, and we can also maintain these plants on a twice-monthly basis so that they remain in top condition.

The process is simple:-  
Contact us and we will arrange a suitable day and time for our Free Survey of your premises.  Then we will give you a quotation and recommendation for plants and containers.
Once the details are finalised we will arrange a date for the units to be installed.
Then, usually on a fortnightly basis, we will return to maintain your plants (clean them and the containers, water/feed etc)

We can supply a wide range of styles of containers and plants - we're bound to have something which suits your space!

Office Plants by Superplants

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Or telephone us on our Freephone number 0800 068 0295