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Office Plants in London and Across the South

If you have ever considered installing plants in your office, why not contact us so that we can set the wheels in motion for you?
If you have never considered installing plants in your office, then perhaps now is the time to look into the details?

Superplants offer a comprehensive service to make the process as simple, and economical, as is possible for you.

We will come to your premises to look around, check light levels and temperatures, and discuss the look and 'feel' you are trying to create.  Then we will make recommendations and offer a quotation for you.

As an example:
If you were to purchase five units, and require us to maintain them for you, we could offer 60cm tall 'Cubis' containers planted with 1.5m tall tropical plants at £119.50 each.  The initial installation fee would be £55.00, and then a two-weekly visit to maintain/replace would cost only £48.50 per month for the next two years.

Office Plants on RentalYou can use our simple Contact Form to get in touch with us, ring us on 0800 068 0295, or send us an email at [email protected]