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Living Walls

‚ÄčFrom living rooms to offices, hospitals and hotels this different approach to living plants is stunning and effective. 

Live Picture (wall mounted plants)..These frames include an integrated watering system that provides plants with water for up to 6 weeks. This stylish and space saving idea is quick and easy to install and can be personalised using exchangeable cassettes.

Live Divider (room divider)..This design allows a room divider to be created with plants on both sides. Room dividers help to create privacy and reduce noise while at the same time benefiting from the contribution of live plants in the office.

Live Panel (a plant wall)..This system easily transforms your wall into an attractive living surface improving acoustics with low water consumption and low maintenance. A flexible option for any vertical landscaping application and easy to install.

For darker rooms why not ask us about the live Spectrum option (light fixtures that supports daily light function)