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Hotel Plants - Interior and Exterior

Superplants can take care of all the landscaping needs of any hotel - both interior and exterior.

If you would like us to come to survey your hotel exterior grounds, or interior spaces, we'd be happy to do so.
Use our Contact Form or give us a call on 0800 068 0295.

We will help you to decide what improvements/alterations can be made to any exterior gardens and grounds - whether it's simply a case of keeping car parking areas tidy, installing flowering displays in window boxes and planters, or establishing an entire garden for your guests to enjoy.
We can also check the light levels and temperatures in any interior spaces which would be improved with addition of tropical plants in beautiful containers.  Perhaps a flowering plant for your reception desk?  Or a large palm for a lift lobby?  We will ensure that the plant supplied both looks good AND thrives in the available space.

Not only can we supply beautiful plants and planting, but we also offer a full maintenance service for both interiors and exteriors.  We will return to your hotel on a regular basis to feed, water, clean, prune, mow or tidy the landscaped areas for you.

Superplants Plants for Hotels