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Hotel Plants - Interior and Exterior

Superplants can offer a comprehensive plants service for hotels in London and across the South of England.

We can take care of your external space - whether that is window boxes and containers, terraces and balconies, gardens and lawns, or simply a car parking area.  We can design and plant, as well as hard landscape, and then offer a regular maintenance service.
We can take care of your tropical indoor planting.  Perhaps you'd like some orchid pots on your reception desk?  Or large bushy plants to make your lift areas more inviting?  Or maybe you already have plants around the hotel which are not looking entirely their best?  We can survey your premises, make recommendations,  and then offer a quotation which will precisely suit your requirements.  And of course the regular maintenance service can be for your interior planting too.
We can take care of any areas in which living plants would struggle to survive by providing you with exceptional quality fake plants - plants which appear to thrive even in areas where there is no natural light, or a widely fluctuating temperature.

Taking care of plants is what we do.  And we take pride in doing it well.

Give us a call on 0800 068 0295 or fill in our Contact Form to find out how well we will take care of you.

     Hotel Exterior Plants and Maintenance