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    Rather than weekly contract flowers you might like to consider fresh living Guzmania or Phalaenopsis Orchid plants - which will save you money.Guzmania come in a variety of colours (red, white, yellow, maroon, purple, pink etc) and can be supplied individually or in clusters.LikewIse Phalaenopsis Orchids can be single, double or triple stems, which come in a range of colours and a number can be clustered together in a planter to create an impressive display.www.superplants.co.uk  [email protected]


    Office plants supplied, and maintained, by Superplants are a pleasing addition to any workspace. Whether your style is funky and modern, or classic and traditional, there are plants and containers which will complement and enhance your environment. We will come to your business to assess the space - light levels and temperature dictate which plants will thrive - and make our suggestions and recommendations.


    Probably the most popular plant we install into offices is the Kentia Palm - it's a graceful plant which can provide a wide variety of heights and widths, and is resilient to a range of temperatures and light levels. But there is a huge choice of types of plants which can enhance your office environment - the Kentia Palm couldn't be more different than the barrel Cactus, but both can look really stylish in the right place! We can come to your premises to chat through your thoughts and requiremen...

  • Interior planting

    This spectacular 2m tall Olive Tree was installed recently into a law firm office in London. Interior office plants can be supplied with maintenance or purchased outright.Our ‘Maintenance/Replacement’ or ‘Rental’ service, means that any plants that fail due to natural causes are replaced free of charge within a set monthly fee.Should you have any enquiries regarding live interior office planting with or without maintenance then please get in touch using the details b...

  • Indoor planting

    Superplants can supply plants to your office which will improve indoor air quality. For example the Scindapsus aures is a powerful plant that can remove formaldehyde from the air. Other plants that improve air quality includes: Aloe Vera, the Spider plant, Gerbera daisy, Chrysanthemum, Dracaena, Ficus, Bamboo palm and the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum).