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Garden Design and Exterior Grounds Maintenance in Swindon

Designing or remodeling your outside space can be a real headache.

Installing the right planting for your particular space is vital if the area is to be kept looking good throughout the year.  Would foliage plants or flowering plants be best?  How much maintenance will particular specimens require?  Would decking look better than grass?   How often would the grass need to be mown?  How can the pots, tubs and window boxes be best planted for year-round colour?

Superplants can answer all of these questions for you.
We will come to your premises to survey the area.  We will then offer recommendations and suggestions for any size and type of exterior space - from car parks to window boxes.
Once you've decided how you'd like your grounds to look, we will tidy and upgrade the area, install any new planting, and then return on a regular basis to maintain the area to the highest standard.