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Fake Plants

If you were purchasing a plant which was not live, but a replica of a live plant, what would you call it?

A fake plant?
An artificial plant?
A silk plant?
A plastic plant?
Or perhaps a faux plant?

We dont mind how you choose to refer to them - we know that our artificial plants are so realistic that many people will not spot the difference between them and a living specimen!

Many of our fake plants are built on natural (real) stems or trunks, and this adds to their authenticity.  People often touch the plant to check whether it's real or not, and the trunk completely convinces them that this is a 'real' plant.

We stock a large range of artificial plants and, if we do not have precisely what you're looking for, then we can bespoke build to your exact requirements.

Fake Plants with Natural Trunks

Have a browse in our Artificial Plant Shop, or contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.