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Fake Plants?

Fake Plants, Artificial Plants, Replica Plants?  Do you think you'd be able to spot which plants were living and which were not?
Superplants have a large range of replica plants which are so like their living counterparts that most people would be unable to tell the difference!
In areas where light or heat levels are unfavourable so that living plants would not survive, artificial plants are a really good option.  They're no longer the dreadful plastic-looking items of yesteryear  - they're a convincingly real alternative.
We can supply everything from preserved palms for around a pool or in a spa area, to an orchid for your desk or windowledge.
Have a browse through some of the plants we can offer in our artificial plants shop or, for a wider range of choices, contact us at the office and we will send you a brochure with all kinds of fake plants, artificial topiary, preserved palms and replica trees to choose from.

Fake Plants