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  • Fake Garden Plants

    There are places and spaces which are just not suitable for living plants - and that's when our range of artificial, replica, plants can be put to very good use. We can install all kinds of plants - from formal Buxus hedging to 5m tall palm trees - in all kinds of of places. Where the conditions are not suitable for living specimens, or the care required by a living garden is not available, then it's worth considering planting artificial trees and plants instead.

  • Fake Office Plants, or Live Office Plants?

    There's no question that plants will enhance any office environment - but not every space is right for living plants.  If light levels are low, or temperatures fluctuate, then artificial plants may be the answer. The fake office plants we supply are of such good quality that most people will not spot that they are not living office plants.

  • Fake Plants

    If you were purchasing a plant which was not live, but a replica of a live plant, what would you call it? A fake plant? An artificial plant?