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Fake Hedging for Your Garden and Grounds

Artificial, or fake, hedges are often an ideal solution to a perennial problem.

Superplants can bespoke build fake Buxus hedging to your exact requirements so that any area which needs to be separated, for whatever reason, can be.

We recently installed this hedging for a client in London as she wanted to make the front of her property more private:

Artificial Hedging Made to Order 

We have often been asked to build free-standing hedge sections which can be used to mark the edge of an area - such as a seating area or restaurant/bar's smoking area.

Fake Buxus Hedge Pieces to Divide a Space 

As these pieces of hedge can be built to any size and shape they have a multitude of other uses too...... they're as popular on window ledges as they are on the ground!

Fake Buxus In Window Boxes 

If you would like us to come to look at your space to see what we think would work best then please get in touch with us:

By email: [email protected] 
By phone: 0800 068 0295
On Line: Use Our Contact Form