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Contract Maintenance for Interior Office Plants

Living tropical interior office plants require specialist on-going maintenance to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

Plants at work or home also need the correct watering, suitable light levels and a minimum temperature - especially in the winter months. It is always worth remembering to keep your building at an ambient temperature – even over holiday periods when the premises might be empty.

At Superplants we provide the necessary specialist care to maintain your plants, and under our ‘Maintenance/Replacement’ or ‘Rental’ services, any plants that fail due to natural causes are replaced free of charge within the set monthly fee.

Our service levels vary depending on your requirements, but we normally service displays every fortnight, however in specialist situations we can service once a month, and for large sites, or sites with difficult access areas, our trained helpful technicians can attend your site weekly.

Service includes the initial visual inspection, watering the plant, and adding plant food as required, eco-friendly disease and pest control, pruning, and cleaning both the plant & the container.

Many of our clients have flowering Guzmania, Kalanchoe, or Phalaenopsis Orchids, and these are monitored and changed on a regular basis, so they are always in great condition.