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Conservation Gardens and Wildflower Areas

Here at the Superplants nursery we have noticed that our family of Blue Tits have now fledged - the bird box seems awfully quiet now that they've gone.
We're also pleased to see that in our fernery area we have a healthy toad population.  Toads are always welcome amongst our plants as they are excellent slug control officers!

If you would like a Conservation Garden or a wildflower area, which will encourage a wide variety of insect and bird life, we would be pleased to construct and install one for you.  Superplants are an Accredited Partner of "Wildflower Turf" and our fully trained consultants will happily visit your premises to make recommendations and give advice.

Simply give us a call on 0800 068 0295 or use our on-line contact form to arrange for a visit.

Conservation Gardens and Wildflower Meadows