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Biophilia is the innate desire humans have for being connected to nature. We used to live much closer to the natural world than we do today; many of us work in spaces that are disconnected from nature, but studies have shown the benefits that indoor plants have for us and for the business we work for. Plants can reduce stress and tension, help to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract potential new employees and clients, clean the air, and even reduce noise levels.

Biophilic design can be introduced within your working environment by incorporating the following key principles:

  • Environmental features: using familiar characteristics from the natural world
  • Natural shapes and forms: soft features and resisting straight lines and angles
  • Natural patterns: textures, contrasts and sensory elements of nature
  • Light and space: emphasising and incorporating natural light and spaciousness
  • Our world: incorporating cultural, spiritual and ecological elements
  • Re-connecting with nature: designing to enhance our reactions and connections to our history with nature

To find out more about how we can incorporate and enhance your connection with nature in your workplace, contact us on 0800 068 0295 or email [email protected].