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Artificial hedges are becoming increasingly popular as clients look for tailored and stylish boundary solutions for their property or workplace. We liaise with you to supply artificial UV resistant Buxus hedging, built bespoke to your specification before being delivered and installed to a very high standard by our expert team. 

For large installations, we will give you a price point for your dimensions and if you choose to proceed we will come out to your site to take measurements and discuss your project in more detail. For smaller items, such as window boxes or small troughs, you can simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we can send you a quote based on your own measurements. 

Artificial hedges can create a beautiful solution to areas that may not be suitable for live planting, providing you with a low maintenance and consistently aesthetically pleasing alternative, with no ongoing cost! As they come ready 'established', artificial hedges give you instant privacy and can also be a good form of security. 

Email us or give us a call on 0800 068 0295 if you'd like to know more about artificial hedging, and we'll be more than happy to help!