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UV Resistant Artificial Topiary

Where living plants would be impractical, or impossible to maintain, we can install a wide range of Artificial Topiary products.

All of our fake topiary is UV resistant - meaning that it's protected from fading in sunlight - so it is ideal for exterior use.

Boxwood balls bring a sophisticated look to window ledges and doorways where live planting would not survive.  Standard Bay trees or Buxus cones and spirals can act as sentinels to welcome visitors to a doorway or other entrance.

Artificial Hedges using Buxus Replica Matting

Bespoke built replica Buxus hedging makes an excellent boundary marker to define an area or pathway.  Superplants will bespoke build a hedge to your specifications so that it is a perfect size for your requirements.  The Buxus matting we use takes two forms - with foliage at 90 degrees to the mat for tops of hedges, and foliage at 45 degrees to the mat for the sides. This gives a very realistic appearance as it replicates how a natural plant would grow.

The Buxus matting also works when used on lettering or logos. Simply contact us for a quotation - we can produce almost any design you can think of!