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Live Christmas Trees from Superplants

Live Christmas Trees

All of our trees are sourced from sustainable plantations.  After Christmas the trees are recycled making Superplants trees an excellent environmentally friendly option.

Superplants offer special low-drop premium quality 'Nordman' interior trees for the festive period.  You can rent fully decorated Christmas trees, dressed with white lights and a choice of decorations.  We offer both our normal "Quality" trees and our "Deluxe" range which includes even more decorations in a wider range of colours, with even more white pea lights.  With Deluxe Trees you can also specify the container colours to suit your premises i.e. silver, black, replica terracotta etc.

The trees are carefully graded to ensure a first class attractive shape and appearance.  Trees are available from 1.50m (5ft) to 4.50m (15ft) tall for interior use.  We normally deliver the trees in early December and remove them after Christmas before twelfth night.

All we ask is that you keep the container topped up with water, to ensure that your tree remains in the best possible condition.

2017 Price List - will be available late summer

Tree HeightRental Price for
Rental Price for

 Prices exclude cost of cherry
 picker, if required 

Price on ApplicationPrice on Application

Our Christmas Brochure 2017 available late summer 2017

Our Christmas brochure will be available late summer 2017.  It's full of ideas for a beautifully decorated Christmas!


If you would like to place an order with us please send an email to info@superplants.co.uk, give us a call on 0800 068 0295, or use the links below to download your order form:

Exterior Live Christmas Trees

We regularly supply large 10.0m (35ft) tall Norway Spruce Christmas Trees for town centres and businesses in London and the South. We will select the tree from the plantation, transport it to site, crane it into position and decorate it from top to bottom. It is normally advisable to prepare a tree pit in advance and we can advise you on this element of works. You will need to provide a suitable electrical supply and ensure the position you have chosen does not restrict CCTV operations or signage for traffic. (Any civic trees need an approved electrical contractor to connect any lights used). If you are interested in trees over 4.5m tall, please contact us as early as possible to ensure we can select and reserve a suitable specimen from the growers. 

We supply, decorate and install smaller trees for displays in town centres. These trees are normally put up in late October/beginning of November in readiness for their Christmas lighting up event. We can come back after Christmas to remove the trees for recycling too.

We manufacture Christmas tree brackets which fix to the exterior of the buildings. Please ensure you get approval to fix these before placing on Listed Buildings

To discuss your requirements, or to ask about prices etc, just send an email to info@superplants.co.uk or call us on 0800 068 0295.